"Writers: A More Fulfilling & Profitable Year...in 60 Minutes!"

Writers, are you tired of getting in your own way? Ready to do 2011 differently?

Every week I work with accomplished writers just like you.  Privately, they often share with me the pain and frustration they feel when they ignore their passions, waste time or resist growing their business.

 "Another year's gone by, and the novel's still not written."

"I know I need to market myself, but I just can't make myself do it."

"Why can't I stop wasting time? Or stick to my own deadlines?

Know what's holding these writers back?  It's not the clock. It's not "the economy," either. 

The biggest factor keeping these writers from publishing more, marketing effectively or creating a more fulfilling writing life is themselves.

If you've been a bit "stuck" this past year, it's likely that YOU have been getting in your own way, too.  But here's the good news.  

"Getting unstuck" is really quite simple, if you're open to looking at your choices and learning about the habits and beliefs that keep you from moving forward.  

Waking up to what's happening with you is something you can actually do something about. Isn't that cool?

60 Minutes to a More Fulfilling and Profitable 2010

Imagine spending an entire hour talking about your writing dreams and challenges.  Wouldn't it help to have a wise, experienced and friendly guide at your disposal?  Someone who can help you see what's holding you back and equip you with specific strategies to make lasting changes in your writing life?

"I love the practical ideas Marla gave me. Our conversation helped me break my logjam and get unstuck. She really helped me focus on what I need to do." -Karen Rafinski, freelance journalist

In 2010, many of you asked me for a simple, affordable, powerful (and fun!) way to coach with me. I'm pleased to introduce the 60-Minute Jump-Start Session.


60-Minute Jump-Start Session

In your 60-Minute Jump-Start Session, you'll enjoy personalized, professional life coaching.  I'll offer you insight, motivation and practical tools to help you finally bust through a specific block or problem that's been holding you back.

"Very helpful. I'm surprised by how much we covered in an hour."  - Geeta Kothari, writing teacher, essayist  

These 60-Minute Jump-Start Sessions are designed to give you everything you need to get unstuck, including: 

  • a pre-call coaching assignment
  • a 60-minute, private (1:1) coaching session with me via telephone or Skype
  • access to notes I make during our session
  • an MP3 recording of our call (yours to download and keep)

Through friendly conversation and targeted coaching questions, I'll help you dream big and get to the core of what's been stopping you.


"What Can I Expect?"

My clients are often amazed at how much ground we cover in 60 minutes. After your one-hour coaching call, you'll gain:

  1. More clarity about a single, specific issue that's been stalling your writing life
  2. A better understanding of the obstacles (and opportunities!) you face
  3. Practical, simple ways to shift your self-limiting habits, intentions or beliefs
  4. A clear plan for action (including a list of next steps)
  5. Professional support, encouragement and honest feedback

Whether you're just curious about coaching, grappling with a persistent writing block or struggling to find time and motivation to finish your novel, a 60-Minute Jump-Start Session will give you what you need to get unstuck.

"Marla quickly helped me clarify my situation and get back to the work that I love doing. Right after our call, I sent out two new queries." 
- Cyndi Lieske, freelance writer

"What's My Investment?"

Book your one-hour coaching session now for just $185. 

Once I receive your payment, I will contact you within 24 hours with a list of available appointments for you to choose from. My schedule accommodates most time zones across the U.S. and Europe.

If you're serious about getting unstuck in 2011, now is the time to take decisive action.

Book your appointment today.

**My Personal, Money-Back Guarantee**

I want you to be able to say that your 60-Minute Jump-Start Session was one of the best tools you've found to help you break through blocks and get unstuck in your writing life.

And I'm 100% confident that if you actively participate during our call and make full use of the resources and suggestions I share with you, you'll be very happy with your investment.

But if you decide otherwise, I'll gladly refund your fee in its entiretyNo questions asked.  Simply notify me at the end of our session and I'll process your request immediately. 

YES Marla, I want to take advantage of your no-risk coaching offer!

I understand that for just $185, I'll get:

  • 60 minutes of professional 1:1 life coaching, tailored to my unique concerns and needs.
  • Help clarifying my goals, creating an action plan and outlining specific next steps.

I'll also get:

  • A pre-call coaching assignment.
  • Simple strategies to help me get out of my own way.
  • Access to coaching notes from our session.
  • An MP3 recording of our entire call (mine to download and keep).

PLUS, I'll get a complimentary subscription to your monthly coaching ezine, The Relaxed Writer.

I understand that my investment in the 60-Minute Jump-Start Session is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee. If I am unsatisfied with my coaching for any reason, I can request a refund immediately.  No questions asked.

Yes, I'm Serious About Getting Unstuck in 2011. Reserve My Spot Today!

 I hope you'll take advantage of this special invitation and say "Yes" to creating the fulfilling, profitable writing life of your dreams. I'm ready to help.



Coach Marla
Marla Beck, MFA, CTACC
Life Coach for Writers