Four Steps to Ease, Creativity and Balance


As a writer, I know how challenging it can be to get motivated, organize time, and follow-through with writing goals and projects.


As a professional life coach, I offer you a powerful four-step process to help you create time, structure and focus for your writing.



  • clearly articulate your focus and direction



  • create more time to write
  • develop effective plans, timelines and processes for writing



  • develop and meet writing deadlines
  • anticipate and overcome writers' blocks
  • maintain writing focus and creative flow



  • develop peer support
  • take creative risks, explore new forms


Step 1: Intention


Setting intention is the critical, first step towards achieving your goals.


In our first appointments together, I will give you reflective questions and exercises to help you clarify your motivations and intentions for writing. You begin to take small daily actions to support your writing goals.


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Step 2: Focus

It can be difficult to manage your writing projects.


I help you learn to be your own project manager: teaching you effective time management, goal-setting, project planning and tracking. We work on developing a writing schedule that suits your needs and your life.


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Step 3: Action

Creative blocks often arise the moment we take decisive action! I help you overcome common writers' blocks, such as fear, procrastination, self-doubt, and poor planning.


You use our appointments to help you stay accountable to your goals and commitments. When obstacles arise, I help you learn to adapt your writing process to in-the-moment demands, without losing your focus or momentum.


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Step 4: Support

Depending on your interests, I may challenge you to take creative risks or explore new forms. We refine your work/life balance, giving you the resiliency you need to continue writing well on your own.


As our coaching relationship ends, we celebrate your achievements, and explore ways for you to support your writing life on your own.


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